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Digest Test

The online platform that facilitates diagnostic tests processed abroad

Digest Test is an online platform that facilitates medical analyzes for gastrointestinal diseases and pathologies, nutrition, psychoneuroimmunology with the most innovative state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies processed in the United States and Spain

The new implemented technologies and collection kits allow the patient to collect samples at home.

Our logistics & transport system allows your analyzes to reach the partner laboratories in the most optimal conditions and in a timely manner 24h Spain - 48h in the United States guaranteed.

Diagnosis and treatment respond to modern medicine of the highest quality.

Digest Test, together with collaborating doctors from both Romania and Spain, offers a variety of diagnostic tests and personalized online consultations for gastrointestinal conditions such as: food intolerances, intestinal dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivity, autoimmune diseases, croh's disease

Digest Test distributor and exclusive partner in Romania of the most famous laboratories in the USA and Spain.

Collaborating laboratories with over 60 years of experience provide you with a variety of diagnostic tests with the most innovative technologies of the latest generation through our Digest Test platform. Tests are available anywhere in the country. Most of the tests are specially prepared with collection kits for the delivery and sending of parcels in the most optimal conditions.

Clinica Sante is our reliable partner for collecting blood samples. Harvesting services are done by appointment only with availability at any point in the country.

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