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Together with specialists from abroad, we promote personalized and precision medicine.
Personalized medicine recognizes that each patient is unique. By using advanced diagnostic tests, it is possible to better understand the prognosis and apply the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

The development of personalized medicine is linked to technological advances—including genomic sequencing—that have made it possible to precisely analyze a patient's biology, DNA, RNA, fundamental proteins, and accurately determine not only the molecular basis of a disease, but also factors that increase the risk of suffering from it.

Research and innovation are a necessary tool to find the most suitable therapeutic strategy for each patient.

Digest Test and partners from abroad facilitate access to innovative tests for various pathologies such as: imbalances in the intestinal, vaginal, oral microbiome, food intolerances and sensitivities, neural imbalances, heavy metal poisoning and metabolic imbalances.

The tests in the Digest Test portfolio ensure a unique and personalized approach according to the problems faced by each patient.

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