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  • Online order

    Order online or by phone. Delivery in 24 hours anywhere in the country.

  • Collect the sample

    Collect the sample following the instructions and protocol inside the kit

  • Send the sample

    Call the number 0753.109.866 indicating the awb number in the transport box to order the courier.

  • Download the results

    Download the results with the QR code inside the kit

  • Oana Bratosin

    A wonderful experience! It was a real pleasure to be able to call on those from Digest Test. Very professional and I am happy with the results! I recommend 100%!

  • Dorica Lucaci

    Excellent service: from start to finish, interlocuteurs sérieux, concerned, friendly. Impeccable organization, respectable deadlines. A no-brainer. Merci beaucoup.

  • Simona Wachob

    The microbiome test is definitely worth doing because it provides important and detailed information about the health of the digestive system, and the entire Digest Test team makes this experience both pleasant, convenient, simple and useful.

  • Georgiana Voinea

    Thanks to the Digest Test, I discovered that I had an intolerance to foods that I consumed almost daily. I benefited from professional services: I received the results of the analyzes within the specified time frame, the quick interpretation of the results, the food plan was drawn up based on a complex questionnaire. To all this is added a lot of kindness and involvement.

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